Form follows function - Louis Sullivan

Tools should be picked to get the job done, not because these tools are sacred.

My teams and I have used all kinds of tools and I have had great experiences with:

  • Google Cloud
  • G Suite
  • macOS
  • Slack

I prefer my team working with the open-source stack, like:

  • Gitlab
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • PHP/NodeJS/Python/Ruby/Go/Java
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL/Redis
  • Javascript/Swift/Kotlin

and I have extensive experience with:

  • Data pipelines with RabbitMQ
  • Search with Elastic
  • Dashboarding with Kibana
  • Monitoring with New Relic
  • Logging with Google Cloud Logs
  • Error reporting with Sentry
  • Continuous Integration and Development with Gitlab CI
  • Product development management with Agile & Scrum