I have a get-the-job-done attitude and choose tools and processes to align with that.

As Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship”. Development teams often have a tendency to keep on tuning and polishing a new feature. This delays the shipment of the feature, which delays the opportunity to learn what could be improved about the feature. Therefore teams need to be pushed to ship early, ship often. Tuning and polishing is done by using the feedback that users provide.

Technology is the enabler of change. It can set things in motion. Make stuff possible. Tremendously big things, which is awesome. But technology is not a goal. Some developers have the tendency to make technology a goal. To pick a technology, because it is cool. Or to follow time-consuming ‘technology best practices’ before there is a business need. I believe developers need to have a commercial attitude.

There are many tools and processes in software development that are very useful, but I am not a fan of following them blindly. No tool or process is perfect. Learn what part is useful for your organization and throw away the rest. A little common sense can go a long way.